While making the most of your S&S addresses, remember that there’s a maximum value allowed per order. You can check the maximum value per order for each S&S address in the table below. If any of your orders exceed this value, it will be put on hold. If you wish to ship a package with a higher value, you will be required to follow a special procedure. Please contact your local S&S team for more information.


S&S Address  Maximum Export Shipment Value
Australia 2000 AUD
Canada 2000 CAD
China 600 USD
Cyprus 700 EUR
Egypt 2000 USD
France 1000 Euro
Georgia 10,000 GEL 
Germany 1000 EUR 
Greece 700 EUR
Hong Kong 2500 USD
India 25000 INR
Indonesia 6000 USD
Italy 1000 Euro
Japan 200,000 JYP
Jordan 300 JOD
Korea South 2500 USD 
Lebanon 600 USD 
Malaysia 2500 USD
New Zealand 999 NZD
Pakistan 999 USD
Singapore 1000 SGD
South Africa 50,000 ZAR 
Spain 1000 Euro
Sri Lanka 100 USD
Switzerland 1000 CHF
Thailand 500,000 THB 
Turkey 15000 EUR 
United Arab Emirates 2500 USD
United Kingdom 2500 USD
United States 2500 USD
Saudi Arabia 2500 SAR
Bangladesh 27000 BDT
Kuwait 2500 USD
Netherlands 1000 EUR