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Ever been shopping your favourite brand online only to find out at checkout that they don't ship what you want to Australia? Well, with Shop & Ship you can shop the world's brands and have them delivered directly to your home or office in Australia, quickly and affordably.

When you register with Shop & Ship, you receive a local address in 22 different countries around the world including the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Now, when you're shopping with your favourite international online retailers, just enter the Shop & Ship local address on the check out and once your goods are received, we'll send them on to you in Australia. It's that easy!

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ZONE 1 COUNTRIES: US, UK, HK, Turkey, UAE, India, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia


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ZONE 2 COUNTRIES: China, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan and Lebanon

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