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For inquiries about your shipments please login to your SnS  account & submit a customer care request,  by clicking on the link available at the bottom of the Shipment Tracking page. For additional support, please contact your local Shop and Ship Office

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What is my Hong Kong (HKG) address?
What is my Mumbai BOM Address?
When can I claim for the refund?
How can I claim for a refund?
What is the Refund policy?
What is my Istanbul (TR) address?
What is my Dubai address?
What is my Shanghai account address?
What is my London Address ?
What is my New York Address?
How long will it take to deactivate my account once I submit the claim?
Can I use the same email to register again?
Can I register again after I get the refund?
Will my account be deleted after the refund?
How many days will it take to get the refund?
Can I still ask for a refund on a discounted membership?
Can I still ask for a refund if I didn’t register online?
Will I get a refund if I didn’t ship?
Will I get a refund on the shipping charges I paid?
How much refund will I get?
Can i ship perfumes, make up and sprays?
What happens if i dont pick my shipment from your office?
Can I request you to forward to me an urgent shipment once it reaches my account ?
Does Shop and Ship offer accounts in countries other than New York, London, Shanghai, Istanbul, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Dubai?
How long does it take for me to receive a package once it is shipped from your facility?
Can my family or friends send packages to me through my Shop and Ship account?
Are there any restrictions or limitations on certain packages in terms of their weight?
Do I have to renew my Shop and Ship membership on yearly basis?
Are there any specific documents required to order electronics with separate or built in batteries from China?
If I place an online order but receive the wrong item, can I get a special reduced rate to return this item back to the merchant?
Can I use my Shop and Ship address as a billing address?
Are there any restrictions on the type of products I can ship?
I placed an order with an online merchant, a while back, and I have not received it yet. What could the reason be?
I received my Shop and Ship package but it is missing an item, how can I claim this missing item?
What is my Privacy Policy?
I placed an order with an online merchant using my local credit card but the merchant did not accept it, why?
I frequently receive mail that includes promotional letters and catalogs which I did not order. I do not wish to receive such material; can you remove them from my account?
Where can I get an Export Declaration Form?
Are there any restrictions or limitations on certain packages in terms of their value?
Can I ask Shop and Ship to consolidate my shipments?
Can my family or my friend use my account to receive mail and packages?
Do I have to pay custom duties on my Shop and Ship packages?